April 10th, 2011

Writer's Block: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

If there was one person, living or dead, to whom you could apologize, who would you choose, and what would you say?

I would apologize to my uncle.  For not communicating as much as we should have.  For not visiting more often, and for not really caring whether I did or not until it was too late.  For not realizing this until I wrote it.  For not really appreciating how special and magnificent you were until you were dying.  For not becoming closer.  For not traveling the world together.  For not saying "I love you" every single day.  For not visiting you on your deathbed, because I was afraid.  For not getting to know you better.  For not fighting cancer itself for you, until you could be whole, healthy, and unafraid once more.

I love you, so much.  You are my idol, my uncle, my family.  I will not let your dreams wither, and I will not let your goals be stunted.  Rest in peace, on a beautiful white beach somewhere, the sun on your back and the sand beneath your toes.