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DeviantArt Rec

This artist is absolutely phenomenal; her art is incredibly awe(and jealousy)-inspiring and makes me squee.  Every single piece of her work is simply gorgeous, and those who enjoy history (especially the American colonial period), aircrafts, science fiction, and/or historic ships and the game Empire: Total War, should really check this link out:

Also, here's an example piece:  

Awesome, right?  And there's so much more.  She also has many Halloween-centric pieces, and they're incredibly awesome.  

I especially like her style and color schemes, and my love for her subject matter is definitely a plus.  Seriously, this stuff makes me wish I could be this talented.  

And, for pictures such as the ones shown above, I feel an incredible sense of adventure, and wish that I could be transported to some of these fantastic time periods.  Just gazing at her work sucks me right in, and if I could somehow harness the powers of the universe and the secrets of the mind I would travel back in time just to witness the events that inspire her.  
Tags: incredible art, rec

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